Laptop | Notebook Screen Repair | Replacement


We provide professional laptop LCD LED screen repairs in Melbourne. Sometimes you may accidently drop, step on or sit on your laptop, and found your laptop got cracked screen or damaged screen. We can help you replace a new screen with fast turnaround time and provide 12 months warranty.


If your laptop | Notebook| Netbook LCD LED screen facing any of these problems, there is a very good chance we can help you:


* Cracked or broken screen

* Vertical line or spots on the screen

* Dark screen or no display




We help you to replace your cracked or broken Laptop | Notebook | Netbook LED screen with a brand new one for a low fixed price from $179


Services charge:


Service Description:

Panel size



laptop | Notebook | Netbook LCD screen repair service:
* Diagnose your laptop | Notebook | Netbook find the cause of problem
* Remove and replace your cracked laptop | Notebook | Netbook LCD screen
* Send your laptop | Notebook | Netbook back with a brand new LCD screen

                13.3 inch

e.g. 13.3 inch LED Screen panel

From $195

                14 inch

e.g. 14 inch LED Screen panel

From $195

                15.6 inch

e.g. 15.6 inch LED Screen panel

From $195

Normal turn over time: within 2 working days

* Price quoted is for standard resolution LED screen panel, for high definition, LCD or slim design screen panel, please call for price.


* Price quotation include GST and labor + parts unless otherwise specified
* Fix price regardless any brand or model, we specialize in providing service for Toshiba laptop, Sony Vaio laptop, HP laptop and Lenovo Laptop, Dell Laptop, Asus Laptop, Acer Laptop etc.
* Fixed price is subject to inspection.
* Free return delivery services available upon request (Australia national wide)