Laptop HDD | SSD Replacement or Upgrade

If the laptop's hard drive is getting slower or memory full you can replace it with a bigger one. Or sometimes you may receive the system warning or error message saying "hard drive failure detected". Back up your data and then bring your laptop into our office. We'll help you fix it at fast turnaround time. 

If you want to give your laptop an even bigger boost, It's strongly recommended that get a new SSD (flash) drive instead. With your system and apps on it, you can get work done much faster as everything will go from sluggish to snappy.


If you’re Laptop | Notebook | Netbook Hard Disk Drive | HDD facing any of these problems, there is a very good chance we can help you:


  * Hard Disk Drive | HDD making grinding, clicking, or other noises that is didn’t used to make.
  * Warning message from windows that you need to run “check disk utility”
  * "No operating system found” error message when turn on computer
  * "Disk boot failure" error message when turn on computer
  * Windows freezes or runs very slow and other undesirable behavior.


HDD | SSD | SSHD Upgrade or Replacement Price List


Laptop | Notebook HDD | SSD |SSHD Price


Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 500GB

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 750GB

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 1000GB (1TB)

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 2000GB (2TB)






Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD)

Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD) 500GB

Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD) 1000GB (1TB)








Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drive (SSD) 120GB/128GB

Solid State Drive (SSD) 240GB/250GB/256GB

Solid State Drive (SSD) 480GB/500GB/512GB

Solid State Drive (SSD) 1000GB (1TB)



























Note: Price quoted above is for parts and hard drive installation service. Extra $75 for System installation service will be incurred if request.


* Price quotation include GST and labor + parts unless otherwise specified
* Fix price regardless any brand or model, we specialize in providing service for Toshiba laptop, Sony Vaio laptop, HP laptop and Lenovo Laptop, Dell Laptop, Asus Laptop, Acer Laptop etc.
* Fixed price is subject to inspection.
* Free return delivery services available upon request (Australia national wide)